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Great News!
http://www.drnitinghaisas.net/ Started development in May, 2013, Appointment System already implented from July, 2013 & SMS Confirmation implemented by March 2014. Proposed designing preliminary for Respected Dr. Nitin Ghaisas's OPD System viz. Patient Management System is in final process.
Appointment Booking System includes:
Flexible Slots creation accross individual Hospital Locations.
Automatic Locking of booing prior one hour from start of appointments for that schedule slots.
Very easy user friendly simple steps to book online appointment.
Select Visiting Date, Select Visiting Hospital Location, Select Time Slot, Purpose of Appointment & Click Book Appointment, thats all.
Immediate SMS confirmation to Patient as well as Doctor same time.
Online updated Appointment Diary.
Slots very easily creation & cancellation.
Print out of Appointments for the day, accross Hospital Location wise.

OPD Patient Management:
Select Patient Link directly from Appointment Diary.
Also Search Patient tool to select patient through Last Name, First Name, Middle Name, Cell, Landline, Unique Patient ID. Also this search is character by character retreiving.
Patient Page includes:Demographics (Personal Information), Contact Details, Identification Document Details, History, Visits, Vitals, Procedure, System Review, Clinical Data, Lab Reports, Prescription, Vaccination.
Prescription Report is almost designed according to the proposed format.
Prescription Report can be opted to send through email to patient/pharmacy
Patient billing.
Other Various features also to be implemented soon

After successful smooth flow for atleast one month, it will be implented for more explosure to few more doctors and thereafter global reviews and observations would be ready to deliver across all doctors. This PMP system is expected a great revolution in OPD Patient Management System.

Do visit regular to have more updates on all projects soon.

We go in details in requirements study till we are not satisifed and hence we are able to deliver a finish product exatcly according to clients satisfaction.
Updates as on 01-JULY-2015

Patient Management System
Preliminary for Respected Dr. Nitin Ghaisas.
Developing in broad explosure with great guidance of Sir.
Appointment Booking Web Application Implemented in 2013 already.
Complete OPD System in almost final Stage of implementation!

Implemented in around 15 Talukas till 2014, widely Nashik, Pune, Nagar, Raigarh & Thane.
More expected in near future.

Office Management System, Pragati Abhiyan
In Beta Version after implementation.
Module by Module updating final areas and freezing each module thereafter.

Preventive Management Process, Grand Hyatt
PMP System under development.
We are proud to say that we do not have much calls from our clients for any support/bugs in our exisiting delivered projects to them. In fact, eventually, our clients call us often for any new assignments or just to say hi and hello! And therefore our confidence is gaining more every day by day.

Presently this web site is still Under Construction. Please do visit again to find the updates/development made time to time. Also your any comments, suggestions are also most welcome.

Yours Sincerely,
Yeshwant Mudholkar
yeshsoft@bsnl.in, Yeshwant.Mudholkar@yeshsoft.com